Book Sales Generator Success Strategy Kit



Are you ready to sell more books to more people? 

Introducing a better approach to book sales and marketing.

The Book Sales Generator offers a series of no-nonsense guides that help you take control and drive your book success.  The guides are sold both seperately or as part of a complete kit called the Book Sales Generator Success Strategy Kit at one low price.

The knowledge contained in these guides is typically offered through our one-on-one consulting services for $4,000 - $6,000.  We have now packaged this knowledge and lowered the price to serve a wider body of publishers.

We will help you

  • build an effective marketing plan
  • grow your sales and promotions
  • launch your large quantity book selling efforts

by using these guides:

* The Book Marketer s Master Plan
* The Publisher s Guide to Sales and Promotion
* The Insider s Guide to Large Quantity Book Sales
Each guide can be purchased seperately or as a complete set for big savings.

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